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DCMP Captioning Key


  1. Case
  2. Font
  3. Line Division
  4. Caption Duration
  5. Caption Placement
Text refers to the appearance and presentation of the letters and words. Text considerations include case, font, line division, and caption placement.


Mixed case characters are preferred for readability. However, capital letters are used for screaming or shouting.


A font, or typeface, is a set of characters of a certain size, weight, and style. Font characteristics must be consistent throughout the media.

Line Division

When a sentence is broken into two or more lines of captions, it should be broken at a logical point where speech normally pauses.

Caption Duration

Captions for broadcast require a build-up time, also known as load time, in order for the captions to display properly. The build-up time is primarily dependent on the amount of text in the caption as calculated from the in-point of the current caption to the in-point of the subsequent caption. Captions prepared for broadcast or the DCMP must not include build-time errors.

Caption Placement

Caption placement (vertical and horizontal) refers to the location of captions on the screen. Placement is not possible on all players, but when it is, the following guidelines are important for clarity.


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